April is National Distracted Driving Month

Let's all admit it...we look at our phones while driving...did we miss a text, an email or the most recent Facebook post ? We tell ourselves we don't really do it, or not that often, or we convince ourselves that we are good at it. We tell our kids never to do it, we worry they will, we get mad if they do, but what are we doing? We can't stand it when we see others doing it, we see them driving stupidly, but what are we doing ? We ...all have " it's the other person doing it" mentality, but are we being honest? What example are we setting for our kids when they are with us? April is National Distracted Driving month...it's time to really think about how we are driving, and to have a conversation with the drivers in our family.
I am giving away free DNT TXT N DRV magnets or decals as reminders, as well as a distracted driving brochures. The brochures contain a distracted driving test, the top distractions, top ways to avoid distractions, and a safe driving agreement. Just "like" my Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/TheNorthShoreInjuryLawyer and send me a message.
You can also take the DNT TXT N DRV Pledge on my website at www.NorthShoreInjuryLawyer.com, and email me your request.
If you would prefer, you can also simply text me your request to 631-402-5527.
Keep it safe out there !