Car Insurance Coverage For Mistakes Of Your Spouse

What happens when you are a passenger injured in a car accident where your spouse is at fault? If you don't have the proper coverage, you are not going to like the answer.

By Mark T. Freeley, Esq. (Open Post)January 25, 2012 at 6:11pm

There you are, comfortably riding along in the passenger seat of your car while your spouse is behind the wheel hopefully paying full attention to the road. However, something distracts their attention for a few seconds and before you know it, the front of your car has just smashed into the rear of the car traveling ahead of yours.

Just prior to impact you put out your arm in an effort to brace yourself. Unfortunately, the airbag deploys with such force that it fractures your wrist and now begins your journey of what can be done to compensate you for your serious injury. This scenario plays out more often than you think, and I have represented many spouses injured under similar circumstances.

Whether the injured spouse will be able to recover compensation for their injury will turn upon the car insurance coverage that they had purchased. Specifically, Spousal Liability coverage must be a part of their car insurance policy. It must be requested, as very few insurance companies include this coverage as part of their policies.

With this coverage, the injured spouse can make a direct claim against their own insurance policy for the mistake of their spouse and recover compensation for their injury. Without this coverage, the spouse will not be able to make a claim against their policy and will not be able to recover any compensation for the accident and injury caused by their spouse.

I think we have all been a passenger at one time or another where we have seen our spouse become distracted or do something maybe not so safe. This coverage is very affordable and is something every family should strongly consider adding to their car insurance policy. Keep it safe out there.