Finding a Long Island Car Accident Lawyer

Almost every lawyer on Long Island claims that they "handle" car accidents, but what does that mean?

I see lawyers that really only practice bankruptcy law, real estate, criminal law, family law, etc. saying that they also handle car accidents and personal injury cases. However, if you are involved in a serious car accident on Long Island, you need a lawyer that concentrates in only those types of cases, and here is why.

First, they know exactly what to do because they have done it thousands of times before. They know all the ins and outs, time limitations, exceptions, and all the other little things that can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. Second, the involved insurance companies know exactly which lawyers know how to "handle" car accident cases with the skills needed to obtain a big jury verdict if necessary.

The insurance companies actually keep lists of the Long Island lawyers that truly know how to handle serious car accident cases, why? Because they need to know which lawyers are dangerous to them and their pocketbooks, and they will settle car accident cases for more money with them every time. I have been handling serious car accident cases on Long Island for over 20 years with the results that make insurance companies need to know who I am. View my track record of success.

In addition to the insurance companies knowing who I am, so do their lawyers. They know how diligent I am in pushing my client's cases through the court system quickly, and they see me in the courts every week doing just that. They also see me taking the necessary time to properly build my client's case to maximize their recovery, which in turn increases the risk to the insurance companies if they do not settle for the amount that my clients deserve. They see me hiring the right experts like Life Care Planners, Vocational Rehabilitation specialists, and Economists to prove my client's full economic losses. They know I will take depositions and hire engineers or accident reconstruction experts to win my case. They know that when I take on a serious car accident case, that I will do everything possible to win and to get the best possible result for my client. They know I am driven, and I have done this a thousand times over my career. They know that I will not take short cuts and jeopardize my client's chances of results that they truly deserve. They know that I am an honest stand up lawyer whose word they know they can trust, and that is invaluable when negotiating case settlements.

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To learn more about car accident cases, including damages to your car, No-Fault benefits, or the injury case itself, you can view my videos on these topics and more on YouTube.

Keep it safe out there.