Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer in Suffolk County

I have often heard it said that Personal Injury lawyers are "all the same", or that they are a "dime a dozen". Maybe this is because of all the Personal Injury Lawyers advertising on TV with their pictures of smashed up cars and people in neck braces, or because of their constant little jingles on the radio. I also believe this is because many Personal Injury lawyers are too busy trying take in every single injury case that they can get their hands on regardless of fault or the extent of the involved injuries. These lawyers tend to take the "churn and burn" method of handling personal injury cases. Unfortunately, this method typically ends up selling the injured client short, and they do not receive the compensation that they are entitled to. Even in Suffolk County on Long Island there are Personal Injury Lawyers that do not do the due diligence to make sure that their clients are fully compensated for their injuries sustained in car accidents, construction site accidents, or from dog bites, trips and falls, or other types of accidents.

However, I take a whole different approach to litigating personal injury cases in Suffolk County on Long Island. First, I am very selective about the cases that I accept. I only represent people where fault is clear and where they have sustained serious injuries. This allows me to provide the people who deserve it the most my personal attention from start to finish. It also allows me to commit quality time perfecting the presentation of their case to the insurance companies and their lawyers. I will hire the proper experts such as Life Care Planners, Vocational Rehabilitation specialists, and Economists to prove exactly what the full economic losses are. This is what the insurance companies fear, because with these experts I am able to set forth black and white economic losses to a jury. Most lawyers only concentrate on pain and suffering, which doesn't scare insurance companies and which many jurors have a difficult time making large awards for.

I have been using this method of maximizing settlements for my clients for over 20 years. Click here to see some of my results. I manage a law firm with 7 attorneys and a full support staff. I am in the courts of Suffolk County every week, and am very well known to defense lawyers and insurance companies. I will always come to your house to discuss a serious accident, and answer all of your questions. My goal is to bring you peace of mind.

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