Skiing In Vermont: Great Bonding Time With The Kids

Got Vermont? Catch up on some family bonding time while skiing in the Green Mountains, it's definitely worth the trip.

By Mark T. Freeley, Esq. (Open Post)January 18, 2012 at 2:23pm

As I write this, it is snowing for the third day in a row on Okemo Mountain in Vermont. I'm sitting in front of the fire looking out of the window of the cabin while I drink my coffee and the evergreen and birch trees are covered in snow. This is my quiet time while my kids are still asleep.

We took the Port Jeff Ferry and drove up to the quaint town of Ludlow Vermont located at the base of Okemo. The next morning we got up early to hit the slopes. The first day we spend exploring the base side area of the mountain. My favorite time is just talking to my kids while we ride the chairlift up the mountain together as we become covered by the falling snow.

Once off the lift we follow each other skiing down the mountain, stopping along the way to laugh about a fall one of us took, or a cool jump one of the kids tried. Once the cold starts to seep through, we decide to head to the base lodge to warm up with some hot chocolate and lunch. After our feet feel warm enough we go back outside to try some more challenging trails.

Our last run of the day is called Exhibition, a Black Diamond trail at the top. The kids are excited and a little unsure at the same time. We attack the trail a section at a time, looking ahead and talking about how best to tackle each area. Once down at the bottom, the kids are all smiles about having been able to take on the Black Diamond.

The next day we decide to ski at the Jackson Gore area of the mountain, my favorite part of the mountain. It is set up like a little ski village, and the whole area is very picturesque. The sun is shining and it's still snowing, it's a perfect day to ski. The kids are skiing with more skill and confidence on the second day and it's great to see them really enjoying the sport of skiing.

After we have had our full of runs for the day, we head into the lodge for more hot chocolate of course. We trade our ski boots for snow boots and head outside to the fire pit, however my hopes for a relaxing moment by the fire are dashed as I am hit by the first snowball. For the next hour there is an all out snowball fight between the pine trees, as usual, I lose. We then load up our stuff and head back to the cabin for some sledding.

On the third day we decide to sleep a little late, eat pancakes and do some hiking in the woods in the snow. The incentive for my kids to walk is that we can actually hike through the woods to an awesome bakery in the village, not such a short hike, but worth it. Although the kids have now had more exercise then they usually get in a month at home, they haven't even noticed.

Vermont in the winter is a special place. It's a place where you really feel you have gotten away from it all, a place to create special memories, a place where time seems to slow down just enough to get to know one another again.