The Type Of Lawyers That Insurance Companies Pay The Biggest Settlements To

What type of lawyers do insurance companies dislike having to deal with, and at the same time respect the most ? The ones that carefully pay attention to every detail, and carefully prepare a client's case to impress a jury. The ones who will do all the necessary work, go to court, spend money to hire experts, and not rush to get a quick settlement. These lawyers are the most dangerous to insurance companies.

Recently, I participated in a mediation against AIG and their lawyers in Manhattan. My client was run over while crossing a street in the cross-walk. The person that hit her was a well known sports/entertainment lawyer. My client was severely injured, was unable to work, and required extensive medical care. After fighting AIG for 3 years with not one dollar being offered, they finally requested a sit down. Why? Because the trial was coming up and they knew how prepared we were.

We hired a medical artist to create these amazing trial exhibits, The North Shore Injury Lawyerretained an untouchable Life Care Planner that set forth every medical need our client will need for the rest of her life, and we hired a professor of economics to project the amount of money our client will need to pay for all of her future medical needs. This was something that AIG and their lawyers did not want a jury to see for sure.

The North Shore Injury LawyerThe North Shore Injury Lawyer

Despite all that they began by offering only $200,000.00, and tested us all day with small increments. We stuck to our guns knowing we were willing to get up and walk out. After many hours, this stand off ended with a big hug from my client, and a settlement of $1.1 million. She no longer has to worry about her future, and can concentrate on continuing to heal. We help accident victims rebuild their lives, and I am proud doing it.

Mark T. Freeley, Esq.