Protection Of Workers In The Trades

Protection Of Workers In The Trades Under The New York State "Safe Place To Work" Laws

By Mark T. Freeley

Construction workers in the trades, including carpenters, plumbers, electricians, masons, painters, steam fitters, and steel workers are protected under New York's "Safe Place to Work" laws. The labor law is favorable to construction workers and the law has many sections dedicated to different work activities and injuries. The building owner and general contractor are liable for specific injuries. Injured construction workers have the right to sue the general contractor and building owner, in addition to their worker's compensation claims.

Safe Place to Work laws apply to injuries suffered while performing construction work that is covered under the law. The law covers all trade work performed to construct, erect, repair, demolish or alter a structure. For example, a worker hired to paint a building, install HVAC equipment, replace electrical wiring, or install an alarm system, would be covered by the law.

The Safe Place to Work Laws provides protection for workers in the trades from injuries that result from falls from a height, such as ladders and scaffolds. If a worker is injured due to a ladder or scaffold that is inadequate, unstable, defective, or not properly secured, the owner and general contractor are liable, regardless of who owned the ladder or scaffold.

The law requires that building owners and general contractors ensure that proper safety devices are provided to workers that are working at a height. The law provides protection for injuries to the worker due to a fall from the ladder or scaffold, materials falling from a height, and protections for window washers. The law also applies to injuries caused by slipping, tripping, electrocution, unguarded power equipment, lack of eye protection, and other activities.

The New York labor law is complex and requires an experienced construction injury attorney with knowledge of the many sections of labor law. Attorney Mark T. Freeley has successfully represented countless workers in the trades and has the experience to take on building owners, general contractors, and their insurance companies. Please view our large results page to see the settlements our attorney has obtained for injured construction workers.

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