Storm the Rescue Dog Saves Deer

Dog Praised as Hero for Saving Deer Video

Dog Praised as Hero for Saving Deer Video 2


It started out as a typical relaxing early morning walk on the beach in Port Jefferson with my dogs, Storm and Sarah. I stopped into my favorite Starbucks and then we were on the beach headed out to Pirate's Cove.

As we walked, Storm and Sarah were running on the beach and in the water. Storm was swimming and chasing rocks into the water as I threw them. We were alone and just enjoying the beautiful Summer morning.

As we approached Pirate's Cove, Storm was walking along the water's edge ahead of myself and Sarah. Suddenly, Storm was charging into the water and swimming out into the harbor. As I caught up to him I started taking a video and I could see he was swimming towards a brown head bobbing in the water. As I got closer I could tell that the bobbing head belonged to a young deer.

When Storm reached the fawn he hesitated as if he was unsure of what to do. The head of the fawn then appeared to go under the water some and that is when Storm took action. He reached out his head and grabbed the neck of the fawn with his mouth. He then turned toward me as I encouraged him by yelling "Good boy Storm".

Storm swam back to shore like a lifeguard with the fawn to his side. He then gently laid the fawn at the edge of the beach and stood by the fawn. The fawn then stood and tried to run onto the beach, only to collapse. Storm ran with the fawn, and lied down by It's side. He then began to mouth the ears of the fawn, nudge it's belly, and paw at it's leg in an attempt to see if it was ok. This was all caught on the now famous video that has gone viral around the world.

After many television and radio appearances with Storm, and countless interviews, people still ask me why I think the video had such an emotional impact.

I think it definitely has something to do with the lack of good news in the media lately. People saw the video and said to themselves with a smile, "finally, something to feel good about, good boy Storm"

I also think that the act of bravery of Storm jumping in without hesitation and bringing the fawn safely back to shore, together with his show of concern afterwards caught people off guard. His compassion for the fawn set off an emotional spark of some type.

People love heroes, but especially modest ones who truly care. I think that sums up Storm. He has always been an amazing dog, great friend, and someone who makes everyone smile.

I can only hope that the feelings that people had watching the video stay with them, and that Storm's actions remind them to step up for people that need help and show concern for others.

My other dog, Sarah, is a Border Collie/Lab mix who I rescued from Last Chance Animal Rescue. Due to all of Storm's popularity, we created a facebook page in his honor, This page was created to help raise awareness for Last Chance for which I volunteer and foster, but also for Strong Island Animal Rescue League as well as Save the Animals Rescue both of whom were also instrumental in saving the fawn a second time and rehabilitating the fawn.

This was truly a feel good story for many people, and we all have Storm to thank for that.