Client Care & Canine Courage: The Perfect Storm

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My name is Mark T. Freeley, and I am your North Shore Injury Lawyer. With over 25 years of personal injury law experience, I know what it takes to ensure the best possible outcome of your case. From motor vehicle accidents to complex construction site incidents and everything in between, I prepare every case as if it may go to trial. I treat each client as a special individual, and develop an appropriate and specific case plan for a successful result.

When I represent a seriously injured client, I do everything that I can to ensure that they receive the compensation that they truly deserve. This means proving more than just pain and suffering; I hire the necessary experts – such as a life care planner, vocational rehabilitation specialist, and economist – to show substantial financial loss. These experts assist me in proving the full extent of my clients’ damages.

Client satisfaction is my number one priority. I realize that when you are seriously injured, your whole world is turned upside down; it affects every aspect of your life. I’ll be here to listen to your questions and concerns, respond with honesty, and offer solutions. I will stay in touch with you via phone, email or text. And I only represent people who have been seriously injured so that I can devote my time to those that need my help the most. From your initial in-person meeting to delivery of your settlement check, I am personally involved every step of the way.

After law, dogs are my other passion. As a dog owner and adoption event leader/Pro-bono counsel for Last Chance Animal Rescue, I’d like to share a personal story. This time last year, I was walking on the beach one morning in Port Jefferson with my dogs, Storm and Sarah. Suddenly, Storm charged into the water and began swimming out into the harbor. As I caught up to him, I could see he was moving toward a young deer in distress. Storm gently put his mouth around the fawn’s neck, carried it out of the water and laid it down onto the edge of the shore. As the deer laid still but breathing, Storm mouthed its ears, nudged its belly, and pawed at its leg in a concerned attempt to revive the fawn.

I’m happy to report that the fawn is alive and well. The rescue was caught on the now- famous video that has gone viral around the world: Due to Storm’s sudden fame, a Facebook page was created in his honor and to promote awareness for animal rescue on Long Island:

I am incredibly proud of Storm’s actions, but I was not very surprised. He has always been an amazing companion that makes everyone smile and reminds us to step up for those in need. Storm’s inspiring story of courage and instinctual compassion continues to motivate me to be the most caring, dedicated and take-action attorney I can be. Just as Storm is my hero, I strive to be yours.

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