New York City experiences a new wave of construction accidents

Construction Man
New York City is undergoing another growth spurt – and construction workers may be paying a heavy price.
New building projects and renovations alike are going on all over the city and that’s sending more and more construction workers to the hospital and morgue all the time. Injuries for construction workers have also increased by 17 percent in the last year alone and on-the-job deaths have doubled.
According to the federal government, construction work is more dangerous than any other type of profession a fact that certainly seems to be borne out by events in the city. Some of the most recent incidents include the death of a construction worker by electrocution when he encountered a live wire and the death of another worker due to a piece of falling scaffolding. Overall, construction workers account for slightly more than 37 percent of all work-related fatalities in the city.
What are some of the biggest dangers that construction workers face? Based on some recent events, dangers include:
  • Falling items, including tools, pipes, beams and debris from buildings
  • Inattentive mishaps with tools
  • Falls while unsecured from upper levels
  • Broken or badly-built support frames
  • Basic safety lapses
There are a record number of construction projects going on which has lead to a record number of construction workers on the job. There are concerns that not all of those working have undergone the training that they should have to keep themselves and the people they work with safe.
As a result, the city has implemented new safety initiatives for construction workers, including additional required training hours and steep fines for safety failures. The city has also begun hiring new inspectors to make sure that safety codes are being observed on the construction sites that are popping up all over the city.
If you are seriously injured or a loved one is killed in a construction accident, no amount of money can replace what you have lost. However, a lawsuit may be the only way to ensure your family’s financial stability. An attorney can help you determine the right course of action.