The Kid’s Clubhouse of Suffolk

Mark Freely with a group of kids

To my friends and clients,

When I represent my clients I do everything possible to help them through what is often a very difficult time in their lives. This gives me the unique opportunity to see what a helping hand can do. This perspective moves me to pay my own good fortune forward by creating joy where I can for those who need it most. In this vein, I have recently sponsored a child so that they can attend The Kids Clubhouse of Suffolk, and I’d like to take this opportunity to spread the word about this wonderful cause so that more children will have the chance to experience their program.

Kids Clubhouse Logo

The Kids Clubhouse of Suffolk’s mission is to create a sense of hope and self-esteem in the youth who attend their program so they may flourish and develop into capable, productive, and mindful individuals. They provide activities in the arts, sciences, math, physical education and more. Moreover, their facility offers a safe environment for the youth in our communities. Many of the kids who attend this program are underprivileged and the time spent with them can be life-changing.

My recent visit to the Kids Clubhouse not only made a big impact on the kids who met my dog Storm, it made an enormous impact on me. Being able to share the story of him rescuing a drowning fawn, and teaching them about dog safety was a very rewarding experience. I was so glad to be able to be there with, and for, them in the same way I’m so glad to be there for my clients in their time of need.

I invite you to check out the Kids Clubhouse at their website below to find out the great things they are doing for children in the Three Village and Comsewogue School Districts. If anyone is interested in learning how they can become involved with helping support Kids Clubhouse, please feel free to reach out to me.

Mark Freely with his dog and a boy
Mark Freely with his dog and a girl
Mark Freely with his dog and a girl
Mark Freely with his dog giving a lecture