Case results that scare the insurance companies!

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Over the last 30 years of helping fellow Long Island families, I have successfully resolved thousands of personal injury cases.

However, what really spooks the insurance companies is that just this week our firm settled our 125th million dollar case for our clients. Very few firms on Long Island have accomplished this success with such consistency.

The secret is our preparation and attention to every detail. We spend the money it takes to hire the very best qualified experts, from engineers, life care planners, vocational specialists, and economists to prove the full extent of your case value. Pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life are only part of the story that the insurance companies know we will tell the jury. We also tell the economic story to the jury: what is your ability to be employed in the future and for how long, what are your future medical needs and costs, and what is your total economic loss due to your injuries? With the right experts, a truly scary story ending is told which forces the insurance companies to pay you what you truly deserve.

If you, a family member, friend, or co-worker need legal advice for an accident or for a pending case, I am always here to answer all of your questions. As your lawyer, I listen, I empathize, I care, and I keep you fully informed as your case progresses. I will always represent you to the very best of my ability with honesty, integrity, and ethics.

I can be reached at 631-495-9435 or at
Please have a scary, but safe, Halloween.

– Mark