Keep It Safe This Memorial Day Weekend!

Rows of American Flags

In addition to being an opportunity to remember those who have so bravely served our country, Memorial Day weekend is also the unofficial start of summer. As millions of Americans hit the road, we wanted to remind you of a few smart safety travel tips from The North Shore Injury Lawyer to ensure that your summer is a happy and healthy one.

Insurance: Most people don’t think about it, but making sure that you have the proper coverage before heading off on a trip can save you a ton of headaches later. And don’t forget, often the worst drivers have the least amount of coverage, so making sure you’re fully covered can help you get back on the road more quickly in the event of an accident.

Alcohol: Don’t drink or do drugs and drive! You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again. NEVER drink and drive. 30 people die a day in the US in alcohol-related accidents. Don’t become a statistic; keep it sober on the road.

Kids and Pets: Never leave them unattended. Every year both children and pets die from being left in hot cars; don’t let yours be one of them. Even quickly running into a store puts kids and pets at risk as temperatures can very quickly reach deadly levels inside of a car in the summer sun.

Cell Phones: Put them DOWN. In many states cell phone use while driving is illegal, but in EVERY state it’s unsafe. According to the National Safety Council 1.2 million car crashes in 2013 involved drivers talking on the phone, and at least 341,000 involved text messaging. Don’t be one of these numbers. It can wait. If you must use your phone, pull over in a safe location and THEN make your call or text.

Stay Rested: Everyone loves to party in the summer, and staying up late is often part of the fun. Just remember that if you’re tired you don’t belong behind the wheel. Take a nap, or get someone else to do the driving. Drowsy driving is extremely dangerous, especially combined with the summer heat.

Common sense is the name of the game for a safe and happy summer. By following these tips you’ll be in a better position to spend more time making memories, and less time dealing with problems, all summer long.