The Five Star Difference

Attorney, Mark Freeley, was in his car when he received a call from a distressed potential client. It was clear to Mark from the initial moments on the phone that this person was extremely anxious about his wife who had been struck by a car and sustained injuries requiring hospitalization and surgery.

Quickly deciding to pull over, Mark listened intently as the man described his situation. His wife was being discharged the following day and he had spoken to two other lawyers before calling Mark. The first two lawyers showed little interest in the client’s predicament and would not provide any support unless papers were signed.

It became clear over the course of the conversation that the man was very nervous that his wife would not have a walker when discharged from the hospital. He also didn’t know how the hospital bills would be paid. Mark quickly assured him that he would help him even if he decided to hire another lawyer. Someone needed to take control, present a plan of action, and take care of the situation – without hesitation, Mark stepped in.

Within an hour, Mark, along with his legal assistant, Kathy, obtained the No-Fault information and claim number from the insurance company of the car that struck the man’s wife. Mark personally spoke with the claim representative and provided all the necessary information so that the claim process would go smoothly.

At this point, Mark was not the family’s retained lawyer. He was simply helping a family clearly in need of it. Mark and Kathy located a medical supply store who agreed to direct bill No-Fault so a walker could be picked up that day. Ultimately, this wouldn’t be necessary as the hospital agreed to release the man’s wife with a walker after they were provided with the No-Fault insurance claim information.

Following the wife’s discharge from the hospital, it was clear that she would need the daily help of a health aide, which presented the family with a significant problem. As the family’s financial situation made the prospect of paying out of pocket and waiting to be reimbursed impossible, Mark had to work towards an alternate solution in order to cover the costs of the health aide. Mark and Kathy promptly coordinated with the No-Fault claims examiner, No-Fault nurse, and the home health care agency to ensure coverage for the wife.

While adhering to CDC guidelines for practicing social distancing and wearing masks, Mark then met with the client and his family at their home. Here, Mark was formally retained as their lawyer. During his visit, Mark also reviewed the family’s car insurance policy and guided them to make changes important changes to their coverage.

Mark and his team obtained the Police accident report and secured the security video where the accident occurred. By the next day, they had prepared a Summons and Complaint to start a legal action against the driver who struck Mark’s client. It was filed by the end of that day.

With 30 years of experience, Mark has seen countless cases like this one. He recognizes how important it can be for a family to hear that someone is in their corner, that someone is there to listen. Mark listened, planned, and ultimately acted accordingly to provide his new client with the best possible outcome.

For Mark, helping people in their time of need is what being a lawyer is all about. He is there to make it right when the unexpected turns your world upside down.

If you, your family, friends, neighbors or co-workers are ever in need, they can always reach Mark at 631-495-9435.