Thank You Last Chance Animal Rescue!

As many of you may know, I am a frequent volunteer and huge supporter of Last Chance Animal Rescue (LCAR) here on Long Island. I am proud to be their Pro-bono attorney and love meeting the rescue van every Saturday to help transfer dogs to their awaiting foster families. I was recently very moved by an experience with the LCAR team and wanted to send a huge thank you to all involved by sharing this story.

Six pups in need of help

During February of this year, LCAR did not have a transport van lined up with our usual transporters one weekend. It was on this weekend that one of our shelter partners was over packed with dogs needing homes and safety and reached out asking for urgent help. They continue to have crates stacked on top of each other in every room possible to create space for all of the dogs entering their shelter needing help. Even though there was no transport scheduled, the team at LCAR knew they needed to help.

Volunteers and fosters immediately jumped into action and teamed up to make saving these dogs a priority. Our foster director, Melissa Lynch, worked hard to find fosters and these amazing fosters opened up their homes to these deserving pups. We were able to find a last-minute transport company to pick up the dogs in South Carolina and take them as far as New Jersey. To get them all the way to Long Island, I rented a U-Haul cargo van, recruited my co-pilot and fellow animal lover, Susie Robbin Kaiserman, and took the road trip to New Jersey to scoop up these six lucky pups and bring them back to Long Island.

Waiting for them when we arrived were their foster families along with our LCAR transport team including Lynn Barry Pozmanter, Lauren Lester, Lisa Maggio De Troia, Jenny Wooster Adams, and Susan Zanetti. All of these amazing volunteers (along with countless others) do so much behind the scenes to make all of this possible and their efforts along with the generosity and care from our amazing fosters is absolutely incredible. 

True life savers!

On behalf of pups Leah, Danny D., Maybelle, Cricket, Coconut, and Triton, I am sending a huge thank you to LCAR and all of its volunteers and fosters. It’s because of you that these pups, all of whom were in great danger of losing their lives in an overcrowded shelter in South Carolina, were saved and given a chance to find safe and loving homes here on Long Island! It’s an inspiration to work alongside all of you.

– Mark T. Freeley