Recent Settlement Results by Mark T. Freeley

With over 30 years of experience and thousands of cases settled including over 100 cases settled in excess of one million dollars by his firm, fighting for the rights of my clients has always been Mark T. Freeley’s passion. 2022 has already been incredibly busy as cases are going to trial again after a lengthy pause due to COVID-19 and his firm has been hard at work successfully settling many cases since the beginning of the year. From car accident cases to construction site injury cases, Mark prepares a specific case strategy for each client and is always ready to go to trial, if necessary. Below are some examples of recent successful settlements.

NYPD Police Officer Injured in a Car Accident.

A 31-year-old police officer who had been an officer for four years was struck in the rear of his vehicle and sustained serious injuries to his back as a result of the car accident. Some of the disc herniation injuries even led to back surgery which resulted in a lengthy recovery process and extreme pain and suffering for our client.

As the lead attorney on the case, Mark was diligent in his investigation and worked closely with his client, a life care planner, a vocational expert, as well as an economist to project the future cost of required medical care as well as the future loss of wages.

Initial settlement offers of $300,000 and $500,000 were rejected and the case proceeded to jury selection and trial in Supreme Court in Riverhead. After the client and several expert witnesses testified in court, the case settled for $1,500,000. This amount is five times larger than the initial settlement offer and proves that Mark’s strategy and approach works, and he will go to all lengths to get a fair settlement for his clients.

Mother and Son Struck by Car in a Parking Lot

A 42-year-old Nassau County mom was walking to her car in a parking lot in Westbury with her 2-year-old son one afternoon. After she exited the store, she looked both ways so she could cross a travel lane safely to her car but was struck by a car as she began to cross. The car came from her left side and her son was on her right side and when she fell after the impact, she panicked because she could no longer see her son. The vehicle had dragged her son underneath the car approximately 12-15 feet.

This tragic accident happened in the parking lot of a strip mall. The operator claimed that their brakes failed causing them to strike our client, but a mechanical expert hired by our firm inspected the car and opined that the brakes were sufficient to stop the car and that the car operator likely panicked and hit the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal.

Mark provided the involved insurance company with all of the necessary medical and evidentiary proof to support his clients’ injuries. The case was settled prior to going to trial in an eight-hour mediation and resulted in a $900,000 settlement for the mother and $300,000 settlement for the son.

Proven strategy and relentless pursuit of justice

Mark has established himself as a leading injury lawyer on Long Island and has become a familiar face in the courthouse, well-known by many insurance defense attorneys. His proven method of litigation puts direct pressure on the insurance company to take your case seriously and to make legitimate settlement offers or prepare for litigation and eventual trial.

With factual evidence and a hard-working attorney they know will fight for you, the insurance companies are compelled to promptly evaluate your claim for settlement— meaning you are more likely to obtain the results you truly deserve. This tested strategy continues to pay off for Mark’s clients and cases like those detailed above and others found on our results page prove just that!