Advice for New Drivers

Before any new driver gets behind the wheel of a car, it’s important that they understand not only the local and federal laws regarding driving, but also the dangers that operating a motor vehicle naturally come with. For young drivers this is especially true, given that 20% of deaths among vehicle passengers of all ages occur while a teenager is driving. From understanding some of the top safety tips to attending educational courses that give new drivers some very important hands-on tools, there are some key things every new driver can and should do to be as safe as possible behind the wheel.

Tips to learn early on as a new driver

Some of the most important tips for new drivers to learn early on are ones that come more naturally to drivers who have years of experience. First and foremost, predicting what other drivers may do and creating a space “bubble” around your car, is important. While you can control your driving, your attention, and your vehicle, there is very little you can do (if anything at all) to control other drivers, and therefore driving in a manner that gives you some space should anything unpredictable happens, can make a difference between a collision and a close call.

Another important thing to learn early on is that adjusting seating positions and mirrors so you can gain the most sight into blind spots and around the vehicle is key. The more you see, the better off you are driving. Other important driving tips listed by the state of New York include:

  • Continuously move your eyes and observe all traffic.
  • Look for vehicles that enter the highway from curbs, driveways, and businesses.
  • Be alert for parked cars, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  • Don’t expect that you will be given the right of way, even if you know it ought to be given to you.
  • Do not drive for extended periods of time without rest.
  • And more (click here to read).

A great class to help new drivers

We all know Driver’s Education classes don’t properly prepare our kids for driving on today’s roads. These classes are only designed to teach the minimal basics like seat belt safety, the dangers of impaired driving, the DMV point system, and New York traffic laws and rules of the road. While these are all incredibly important to know as responsible drivers, these classes don’t offer enough education into defensive and safe driving.

One solution Mark T. Freeley found personally for his son in 2018 is through a “Street Survival” course. This program, sponsored by Tire Rack is an intensive, hands-on experience which is limited to 30 young drivers a day. Each driver is assigned their own driving instructor who typically has some racing experience and accompanies the new drivers in the car as they go through some intense exercises on a closed course. New drivers learn what their cars can and can’t do under extreme situations as well as how to control their car in unpredictable situations. Mark’s son walked away with some invaluable defensive driving lessons and learned more in this one-day course than he did all summer in drivers’ education.

Help when you need it on Long Island

As a personal injury lawyer with decades of experience handling serious car accident claims on Long Island and as a father to young drivers himself, Mark takes driving education and safety seriously. With roads on Long Island being crowded, fast, confusing, and dangerous for new drivers, especially in comparison to many other parts of the US that are less densely populated, safety is paramount for all drivers on Long Island, especially inexperienced new ones.

Since accidents do happen, even if you are doing all you can to be safe behind the wheel of your car, you may find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing a personal injury lawyer. If you or someone you know was in a serious car accident on Long Island and needs an attorney, the North Shore injury Lawyer, Mark, is just a phone call away at 631-495-9435.

Stay safe out there!