2 Key Topics to Cover with Your Personal Injury Lawyer About Your Case

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to hire a personal injury lawyer, it’s critical that you select one who you feel confident will take the best care of you and your case. When you’re in the middle of a personal injury case, it may feel overwhelming and become difficult to find out what exactly is going on with your case. That said, it is important that you should stay involved and educated about your case every step of the way and your lawyer is your best resource for information. Not sure where to begin? Here are two key topics to go over with your personal injury lawyer to help you gain important clarity.

Logistics about the case

A few important things to ask your lawyer early on are “has a Summons and Complaint been filed with the court?” and “has a Bill of Particulars been served?” The service of a Summons and Complaint is a process to compel someone to appear in court to defend him/her/itself against a lawsuit. A Bill of Particulars is defined as a written itemization of claims in a lawsuit that the defendant may demand of the plaintiff in some situations in order to clarify the details of the claims. If either of these has been filed or served, you should have your lawyer send you copies of both as they are key initial steps in your case.

Other questions to ask regarding the logistics of your case include:

·      Has a Preliminary Conference been held in court?

·      Have deposition dates been selected?

·      What is the present case status and what is the next step?

·      Is there anything else that needs to be done? If so, how long will that take?

·      When will my case be placed onto the trial calendar?

Details about the insurance company for the party who injured you

Understanding details regarding the insurance company who insures the person who injured you as well as their liability policy limits and whether or not there is any excess insurance coverage is incredibly important. Make sure to ask your lawyer which insurance company insures the party that injured you and talk through settlements (specifically ask whether any offers have been made and if they think it can be settled without a trial).

Another point to bring up while on the topic of insurance is if your lawyer has considered mediation or arbitration as a way of resolving your case. These questions will help you gain valuable clarity not only about what you are up against, but also regarding what your lawyer sees as a clear path forward.

When to be wary about your personal injury lawyer

It’s important to remember that you have the right to ask your lawyer questions about your case and lawyers that are approachable and pleasant to work with make this easy to do. If for any reason your lawyer gives you the impression that you are asking too many questions or gives you unclear responses that don’t really answer your questions, you’ll want to ask yourself if this is the right lawyer for you. The attorney you choose should be dedicated to achieving a favorable outcome and should easily be able to articulate the steps needed to get there. If your lawyer is falling short, you may need to look elsewhere for counsel.

The North Shore Injury Lawyer

Choosing a lawyer who you feel comfortable with and can trust is a game changer.  For Mark T. Freeley, the North Shore Injury Lawyer, the client-attorney relationship is critical to his practice, and he has a proven track record of 30+ years on Long Island going above and beyond for his clients. If you’re looking for a lawyer who is easily accessible by phone, text, or email and who is willing to take the time to ensure you understand the current status of your case and what the next steps will be throughout the process, Mark is just a phone call away. Give him a call at 631-495-9435 today and gain peace of mind that you’re in good hands.