$7,250,000.00 Settlement for Worker Injured in Commercial Laundry Machine Accident

With over three decades serving as a dedicated personal injury attorney in New York, I have made it my life’s mission to make a real difference in the lives of my clients.  While most injury attorneys will only fight to ensure you receive compensation for your pain and suffering, I will hire the necessary experts to prove your substantial economic losses as well. I am proud to share a recent case that resulted in a life-changing and much deserved settlement for our client.

What happened

Our client, a 45-year-old commercial laundry facility worker on Long Island, was nearly crushed to death when the chain on an elevating conveyor machine snapped, and the 2,000+ pound conveyor fell on top of the worker. Mechanical Engineer and Metallurgical experts were retained to prove fault on the four involved equipment manufacturers and installers. Life Care Planner and Economist experts were retained to prove the future medical needs and costs as well as the lifetime lost earnings amount. Our client suffered 25 serious fractures and required 5 major surgeries. 

Our client showed up to work at a commercial laundry facility where he worked on a machine that washed laundry, pressed them into a cake, and then the cake would go into an elevating conveyor. Part of his job would be to retrieve any laundry that would fall off the elevating conveyor (the area where he worked) as he was responsible for ensuring the machine did not shut off. While he was under the elevating conveyor as it was rising to pick up laundry that had fallen to the floor, he was crushed by the elevating conveyor when the chain snapped. As a result he was crushed, causing serious and permanent injuries.

The legal process and verdict

All of his injuries and surgeries were not only documented textually, but also accompanied by graphic medical illustrations, helping to visually demonstrate the extent of the trauma our client experienced. Countless days of depositions were taken of all involved parties. A deposition (also commonly referred to as an examination before trial) is where the lawyers have the opportunity to ask the opposing side’s witnesses questions under oath. These interviews are used to gather information as part of the discovery process of a case. 

Thereafter, a mediation in an attempt to resolve the case during settlement negotiations was not successful, and a trial was deemed necessary. After over two weeks of trial, a Nassau County jury rendered a verdict in favor of our client. They found all defendants partially responsible, and our client free from any fault. The case then settled in the amount of $7,250,000.00.

Proven strategy and relentless pursuit of justice

After over 3 decades and thousands of cases settled on Long Island, I am proud to be an established and leading injury lawyer on Long Island and have become a familiar face in the courthouse, well-known by many insurance defense attorneys. My proven method of litigation puts direct pressure on the insurance company to take your case seriously and to make legitimate settlement offers or prepare for litigation and eventual trial. My tested strategies and relentless pursuit of results continues to pay off for my clients and cases like the one detailed above and others found on our case results page prove just that!