How Car Drivers Can Avoid an Accident with A Motorcyclist

Motorcycle riding has become increasingly popular in recent years in New York. In fact, there are more than 750,000 licensed motorcyclists in the state and that number continues to grow with each passing year. In addition to being an energy-efficient means of transportation, riding a motorcycle is thrilling and is a great way to enjoy the beautiful summer days. While riding a motorcycle has many benefits, it can also be incredibly dangerous and even the safest drivers who are focused and take reasonable precautions on the road can find themselves in scary situations. 

Motorcycle drivers must therefore drive with extreme care and caution, and car drivers should also remain vigilant on the road. From checking your blind spots and keeping a safe distance to using indicators and sharing the road responsibly, here are some of the top ways car drivers can avoid an accident with a motorcyclist.

Turn with caution

Left hand turns are among the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents as these movements can create serious hazards for motorcyclists. When drivers make a left hand turn, they often don’t see any nearby motorcyclists which can result in a dangerous crash. The best way to ensure you’re turning with caution and reducing the risk of these accidents is by using your turn signal well before you make the turn and to ensure there are no vehicles in the way before you do so.

Always check your blind spot

Since motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles on the road, they can be hard to spot. Whenever you are looking to change lanes or make a turn, it’s important that you check your blind spot. Your blind spot can be on either side of you and they are areas of the road that cannot be seen while looking forward or through either the rear-view or side mirrors. These are perfect spots for small vehicles and motorcycles to be hiding and if you don’t check these by physically looking in your blind spots (often turning your head slightly over your shoulder) before making a move you could be the cause of a car accident.

Keep a safe distance

It is a good rule of thumb while driving to keep a safe distance from other vehicles. By keeping an appropriate distance between you and other drivers, you can improve your reaction time to avoid possible accidents and keep everyone safe. This is especially true when it comes to motorcycles as these smaller vehicles can easily disappear from view.

Personal injury lawyer on Long Island

Since motorcyclists are about 28 times more likely to die in a crash than people in passenger cars, there is an obvious need to be diligent on the road for drivers of all vehicles. Victims of motorcycle accidents can be left with a lifetime of hardship due to life changing injuries. When these accidents occur because of another driver’s negligence, victims have the right to be fully compensated for the losses they suffer as a result. 

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