Thank you for an amazing 2023!

With only a few days left in the year, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my friends, neighbors, tennis mates, and clients who have contributed to making 2023 a remarkable year for me both personally and professionally.

With a career spanning nearly 34 years in personal injury law, the journey has been incredibly fulfilling and this year in particular was a great one. To this day, I still love being in the trenches going up against the insurance companies and doing what is right for my clients who rely on me for support and guidance.

A stand-out year for settlements

One thing I love about my firm is that even with 6 lawyers and a full support staff, we give very personal attention to each and every one of our clients. Any given year I personally handle about 100 cases and this year I successfully settled more than 65 of them for my clients. This achievement reflects the seamless coordination within my team—a well-oiled machine committed to taking on insurance companies and securing the best possible settlements that my clients deserve. My approach prioritizes achieving optimal outcomes for my clients with minimal risk, and the collective experience of my firm has resulted in an impressive track record of success that I am incredibly proud of.

Your referrals have meant the world

I also wanted to say a word of thanks to all who have referred a friend, neighbor, coworker or family member to me to help guide them and turn their lives right side up after a serious accident. I enjoy meeting with my clients and forming a personal connection from the very start. It is important to me to take the time to sit down and meet with my clients on a one-on-one basis, often even in the comfort of their own homes, to learn about their accident and injuries to come up with the best game plan for each one.

Litigating and challenging insurance companies and their lawyers is a passion of mine, but my true joy lies in providing unwavering support for my clients. Dedicating myself to delivering the highest standard of work on their behalf, instilling confidence, and building trust are paramount to me. The ongoing referrals I receive serve as a testament to the trust I’ve cultivated through my approach and work ethic, showcasing the impact I’ve had on those I’ve assisted in the past.

Giving back continues to be a priority

2023 was also an amazing year of giving back to my community and I take great pride in contributing to my community through various sponsorships and volunteer initiatives. I have sponsored as well as spent hours volunteering with Last Chance Animal Rescue. I am there meeting the transport van every other Saturday morning at 6:30am and I love it. After over 10 years, it is still such an amazing feeling when the van doors open, and I get to see all the animals we have been able to save because of the great foster families and volunteers we have at Last Chance. Additionally, I love being the platinum sponsor for their annual golf outing which is their largest fundraising event of the year.  

This year I was also proud to support various organizations in my community including 3 Village Meals on Wheels, 3 Village Dads Foundation, Ward Melville High School, Adelphi University dance team, The Electric Parade through the 3 Village Chamber of Commerce, WMHO Holiday Lights Festival, and many local PTA groups. This was a great year of giving back and I look forward to continuing my efforts of actively contributing to my community and supporting local charities that make a meaningful impact right here in my own neighborhood.

I am proud of my firm and the people I have the pleasure of working with

Finally, it has been an amazing year at my firm, and it has been a great honor to work with all of my long-term coworkers. One thing we focus on as a firm is to deliver confidence to our clients. Every person on our team has experience, kindness, and compassion and we are committed to answering any questions our clients have from day one until the end of the case. We return phone calls, we respond to emails, we keep our clients updated, and we are there for them every step of the way which makes us unique and stand-out from the competition.

I am sending warm wishes for a joyful Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, a joyous Kwanzaa, and a happy and healthy New Year. May you celebrate the holiday that brings you the most meaning and happiness and may it be filled with peace and love! 

Mark T. Freeley