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The following is a sampling of the cases that Mark and the firm that he is the managing attorney for, and partner of, have successfully handled. The firm has impressively settled over 150 cases each in excess of one million dollars! Few law firms have accomplished so many million dollar case settlements.*

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Construction Worker Injured in a Fall from a Height

Construction Worker Injured in a Fall from a Height. 36 year old carpenter on Long Island suffered serious injuries when he fell twenty (20) feet from a foundation wall. The general contractor and owner failed to provide him with the required safety devices in violation of the New York State Labor Law. Mark was able to obtain summary judgment on liability proving that the defendants were 100% responsible for the accident with the help of a construction site safety expert. The client underwent eight (8) surgeries, and Mark worked with a life care planner and an economist to prove the economic damages. Mark also utilized a medical illustrator to create graphic trial exhibits depicting all of the injuries and required surgeries. The case was settled prior to trial at a lengthy mediation.


Worker Injured In Commercial Laundry Machine Accident

A 45 year old laundry factory worker on Long Island was nearly crushed to death when the chain on an elevating conveyor machine snapped, and the over 2,000 pound conveyor fell on top of the worker. Mechanical Engineer and Metallurgical experts were retained to prove fault on the four involved equipment manufacturers and installers. Life Care Planner and Economist experts were retained to prove the future medical needs and costs as well as the lifetime lost earnings amount.The client suffered 25 serious fractures and required 5 major surgeries.Countless hours of depositions were taken of all involved parties. A mediation to resolve the case was not successful, and a trial was necessary.After over two weeks of trial, a Nassau County jury rendered a verdict in favor of our client. They found all defendants partially responsible, and the client free from any fault.


Security Guard Struck by Car

A 53 year old security guard was struck by a car while directing traffic for an ambulance. He sustained serious fractures to his knee and shoulder requiring surgery. He returned to his job after ten months. After the completion of depositions, the insurance company for the car owner requested a mediation. Mark was able to settle the case within a little more than a year from the accident date, for $825,000.00 so that his very happy client did not have to wait years for a trial.


For Child Struck by a Car

A two (2) year old walking with his mother was struck by a car and ended up trapped under the car. The mother was also struck and knocked down. The child suffered a fracture of his femur which did not require surgery. The case settled prior to trial at a mediation.


For Suffolk County Husband Injured in Car Accident

A 49 year old husband was struck in the rear sustaining serious spine injuries. His prior attorney was only able to obtain a settlement offer of $2,000,000. The client changed attorneys and hired Mark Freeley. Mark took over the case, prepared it for trial, and within months settled the case for $3,000,000, prior to trial.


For Tree Trimmer electrocuted by Power Lines

A 54 year old Nassau County tree trimmer was electrocuted sustaining serious burn injuries while trimming tree branches near power lines. Plaintiff’s expert witness opined, based upon pre-trial testimony and documents obtained, that required inspections/maintenance of the power line was not likely performed.


For Mother Struck by a Car in Parking Lot

A 42 year old Nassau County mom was walking in a parking lot in Westbury when she was struck by a car. She was knocked to the ground sustaining disc herniations in her neck which required surgery at C6-C7. The operator of the car claimed that their brakes failed causing them to strike our client. However, a mechanical expert hired by our firm inspected the car and opined that the brakes were sufficient to stop the car and that the car operator likely panicked and hit the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal. The case settled at an eight (8) hour mediation prior to trial.


For Union Steamfitter Who Slipped at Work Site

A 47 year steamfitter slipped on an unsafe job site re-injuring his shoulder requiring surgery. He also aggravated a degenerative disc in his neck requiring a spine surgery. The case settled at mediation prior to jury selection.


For Nassau County Woman in Car Accident

A 64 year old passenger in her husband’s car sustained neck and back injuries requiring surgery to her neck. The case was settled at mediation prior to trial. $250,000 was paid by the primary insurance company, $250,000 was paid by the carrier for the insurance broker who failed to obtain the proper amount of primary insurance, and $700,000 was paid by the excess carrier.


For U.S. Army Veteran

A 63 year old Veteran was struck while entering his car by another car that fled the scene of the accident. He sustained injuries to his spine requiring surgery. We litigated an Uninsured Motorist claim against the insurance company who insured the Veteran’s car. The case was settled prior to trial.


For Girl Struck in the Rear by a Truck

A 22 year old Suffolk County girl was a passenger in a car that was struck in the rear by a truck. She sustained fractures of her nasal bones and orbital wall requiring surgery. The case was settled at mediation prior to trial.


For Local 638 Steam Fitter

A 56 year old Journeyman Steam Fitter and Father of four, fell from an unsecured 8 foot A-frame step ladder while installing black piping above the ceiling. He sustained multiple disc herniations in his spine requiring surgery. The case settled at mediation while on the trial calendar awaiting a trial date.


For Painter Who Fell From a Ladder

A 72 year old painter fell from an unsecured ladder while attempting to gain access to a scaffold. The fall caused him to sustain a fractured skull and subdural hematoma, concussion and left wrist fracture. The case settled at a mediation while it was awaiting a trial date.


For Nurse Struck by Sanitation Truck

A 44 year old Nurse Technician was struck in the rear by a Sanitation truck. She sustained injuries to her back, requiring surgery due to a disc herniation at L4-L5. The case was settled just prior to jury selection.


For Police Officer Injured in Car Accident

A 35 year-old police officer was struck in the rear sustaining serious injuries to his back. Initial settlement offer of $500,000.00 was rejected. The case proceeded to jury selection and trial in Supreme Court in Riverhead. After the client and several expert witnesses testified, the case settled for $1,500,000.00.


For Leg Fracture In Motor Vehicle Accident

Mark Freeley settled this Suffolk County case at mediation for a cash value of $317,000 and a total payout of about $509,000. Plaintiff claimed that the defendant failed to stop at a stop sign. The defendant claimed he did not have a stop sign and that plaintiff crossed over into his lane. After surgery, the plaintiff's leg healed completely and he was able to return to his same job.


For Heel Fracture

Mark Freeley was able to settle this fall from a ladder case for $500,000 at mediation. The plaintiff, a painter, fell off an unstable ladder and sustained a calcaneal fracture requiring surgery. Mark litigated this action under the New York State Labor Law Section 240(1), which provides special protection to workers working at a height.


Settlement For Wrist Fractures Sustained In Motor Vehicle Accident

Mark Freeley was able to settle this Nassau County case at mediation for a cash value of $575,000 with a total payout of approximately $1.1 million. The 19-year-old plaintiff was driving her car when she was struck by a limousine that failed to stop at a stop sign. The plaintiff's airbag deployed causing a fracture of both wrists. Mark was able to obtain summary judgment on liability against the defendant, so that the only issue was damages. Despite having to undergo surgery for the wrist fractures, the plaintiff made an excellent recovery with minimal residual problems.


Structured Settlement For Boy Attacked By Rottweilers

In a case that settled prior to jury selection, the firm was able to reach a significant settlement in the case of an 11-year-old boy attacked by Rottweilers while playing with friends at a Queens park. The dogs escaped from a nearby yard enclosed by a chain link fence and bit the boy repeatedly about the body. In an intense rescue effort, it took three grown men—including an off-duty police officer—10 minutes to save the boy from the attacking dogs. After nine days of hospitalization and treatment including stitches, tetanus shots, rabies shots, and psychological counseling, the boy remained traumatized and retains a large z-shaped scar. One of the dogs was shot and killed by a police officer at the scene and the other was put to sleep by the ASPCA. The firm was prepared to call witnesses who lived near the defendant and could testify to the violent nature of the dogs. The case settled for a $600,000 structured settlement, ultimately worth $1.3 million. This is one of the largest reported "dog bite" cases in New York.


Settlement For Steamfitter That Slipped And Fell On Construction Site

This labor law action litigated by Mark Freeley was settled at mediation for $700,000 in addition to a waiver of a $90,000 worker's compensation lien. The plaintiff, a 53-year-old steamfitter, slipped and fell in a puddle of water at a construction site. As a result of the fall he re-injured his lower back. Prior to the accident the plaintiff had injured his neck and back and had undergone spine surgery for both. Plaintiff claimed an aggravation of the prior injury requiring an additional surgery. Plaintiff also claimed an inability to work. The defendants claimed that at least half of the plaintiff's disability was due to prior injuries. Defendants also claimed that plaintiff was aware of the puddle and should have avoided it.


Settlement For A Fall From A Scaffold

In another Labor Law action litigated by Mark Freeley, a 58-year-old laborer who earned $500 per week fell from a scaffold during construction of a new building. He was caused to fall due to a lack of safety railing on the scaffold, in violation of Labor Law Section 240(1). The client sustained a fracture of his wrist requiring multiple surgeries to correct the fracture.


Car Accident Victim Receives $925,000 Settlement

This client was a passenger in her friend's vehicle, which was involved in a sideswipe accident with a Fed Ex truck. She underwent arthroscopy for a shoulder tear and eventually microsurgery for a herniated disc in her back. She returned to work for about one (1) year before undergoing back surgery and eventually returned to her position with the Postal Service. Mark Freeley was able to settle her case at mediation prior to trial for $925,000.00.


For Steamfitter After Fall From Plank

In this labor law action litigated by Mark Freeley a 38-year-old steamfitter was awarded $1,000,000 in settlement for falling five feet off a wood plank used in place of scaffolding as he was installing a sprinkler system in Manhattan. The plaintiff sprained both ankles and sustained a chip fracture of one ankle. He was not able to return to work as a steamfitter. The defense argued at trial that the claimant's injuries were minor and pre-existing. At trial it was argued that the contractor was negligent in not providing suitable scaffolding, the plaintiff's injuries were sustained as a result of laboring in this unsafe work environment, and were not pre-existing. The contractor's insurance agent was also found partly responsible for not purchasing the appropriate type of insurance for its client, and therefore paid 25% of the settlement. The case settled before summations at trial, after two weeks of testimony.


Cash Settlement For Worker Falling Off Ladder

Settlement reached after prior $650,000 mediation settlement expired. After Mark Freeley won summary judgment on liability prior to trial, the firm was able to settle a case for cash for a Manhattan security system installer who fell off a ladder while on the job. The worker sustained back injuries requiring spinal fusion surgery. Defendant alleged that the accident never happened, since there were no witnesses, and the plaintiff did not come forward with an injury claim until a few days after the incident. They claimed his back condition was pre-existing. Another major point of contention in the case involved questions about who had provided the worker the ladder, and therefore who was responsible for any limitations in the equipment that may have contributed to the fall. The case settled for $650,000 at mediation but was subject to the insurance carrier's approval. When the carrier refused, the settlement expired. The defendant's liability was upheld on appeal and the case demand was raised to $1.5 million. In addition to the cash settlement of $1,000,000, the defendant won the waiver of a $110,000 worker's compensation lien. The case was settled after opening statements at trial.


Recovery for Iron Worker Falling From Ladder

After a fall from an unsecured ladder caused a fractured kneecap, the need for surgery, and resulting permanent disfigurement, a 38-year-old New York City ironworker realized a $1.25 million dollar settlement for injury and compensation for future lost wages. Mark Freeley obtained summary judgment on liability against the owner and contractor prior to trial so that only the issue of damages was before the jury. The firm was able to settle the case in the middle of the trial, additionally obtaining a waiver of a $67,000 workers’ compensation lien for his client. The claimant returned to his job after the injury.


For Painter Injured In Fall From Scaffold

The firm was able to settle a case for a 39-year-old painter who fell off a scaffold that collapsed under him while on a job in Coney Island. The plaintiff sustained injury to his knee, requiring arthroscopic surgery, and suffered injuries to his spine. A blow to his head resulted in a concussion. The firm was able to maintain the value of the plaintiff's projection for lost earnings, even after the judge struck the expert witness' testimony for lack of factual basis for the claim—since the client had a poor work history. The case was settled after the trial but before the verdict. The only issue at trial was the amount of damages, as Mark Freeley had obtained summary judgment on liability prior to trial.


For Construction Laborer Who Fell From A Ladder

A 25-year-old laborer fell from an unsecured ladder during the construction of a new home in Southampton. As a result of the fall, he sustained a serious leg injury requiring surgery. The case was settled at mediation prior to trial.


Recovery For Victim Of Collision At Stop Light

A 36-year-old Glen Cove nurse was ultimately dismissed from her job due to back injuries sustained when a rental car slammed into the back of her car while she was stopped at a red light. Although she attempted to return to work shortly after the accident, her injuries eventually required back surgery and she was unable to keep up her work activities at the level maintained before the accident. Mark Freeley obtained summary judgment on liability prior to jury selection so that the only issue remaining at trial was the amount of damages. The firm was able to recover damages for injury and future lost wages.


Wrongful Death Settlement For Mother Of Six

Doctor causes surgical complications in medical malpractice case. The firm was able to help the family of a 48-year-old hairdresser recover a sizable award from the doctor who was accused of causing a fatal complication during surgery. While performing abdominal surgery on the plaintiff the surgeon perforated the woman's small intestine. Due to the resulting hole in the woman's intestine the patient developed peritonitis, a serious infection. Despite additional surgery to correct the situation and massive doses of antibiotics, the woman's situation worsened. She developed sepsis, or blood poisoning, and died less than a month after the initial surgery. Despite the surgeon's contention that he was not responsible for the perforation (he maintained that it was a spontaneous event occurring after surgery) and that the plaintiff was suffering from pneumonia and common pelvic inflammatory disease, which instead could have contributed to her death, the case settled for one and a half million dollars.


For Elevator Free Fall Accident

$1,575,000 verdict after trial for plaintiffs caught in a harrowing elevator drop. In this case, litigated pre-trial by Mark Freeley, a 39-year-old social worker and a retired senior citizen were taking the elevator in a Bronx courthouse when the elevator suddenly dropped in free fall for about four floors, ending in an abrupt stop. The passengers both incurred serious knee and joint injury. Fractures and lesions of the kneecap, requiring arthroscopic surgery and potential future knee replacement surgery, were results from the fall in the case of the younger woman. In addition, the younger plaintiff was partially disabled and not able to return to her former profession. For the retiree, knee replacement surgery of the right knee, with potential need for similar surgery on the left, was required after aggravation of an existing osteoarthritis condition resulted from the incident. The case went to verdict and after the verdict the firm was able to settle the case for $1.1 million for the younger woman, with an additional $10,000 for her husband due to loss of services, and $465,000 for the older plaintiff. A one million dollar offer was rejected prior to summations.


Settlement In Wrongful Death Of 32-Year-Old Mother Of Three

Mark's office was able to help the family of a 32-year-old mother of three in a case against a surgeon and a hospital. In this case the plaintiff went to the emergency room complaining of severe abdominal pain. She was diagnosed with food poisoning and sent home. Two days later she returned and exploratory surgery was performed. A blood clot was found on an artery in the bowel, requiring that the patient have her bowel resectioned, and an ileostomy performed (a procedure to attach a temporary device which allows waste to bypass the reconstructed part of the bowel while it heals). The next day another surgery was performed, the ileostomy removed, and the bowel reconnected. The patient remained hospitalized and required two additional surgeries for bowel obstruction. The patient died about eight weeks after surgery. The plaintiff's husband contended that she should have been admitted the first time she went to the emergency room and that the ileostomy was removed prematurely. The case was settled prior to jury selection.


Settlement For Pedestrian Accident Injuries And Wrongful Death Of 10-year-old Son

The firm helped a Spanish-speaking woman from Queens win a multimillion-dollar settlement after she was injured, and her 10-year old son killed, as she crossed the street at a stoplight while walking the child to school. The defendant's attorneys tried to claim that the plaintiff was partially to blame for the accident, since she testified in her deposition that she did not see the bus coming. Defendant's counsel also tried to claim that the plaintiff was not eligible to be awarded compensation for lost wages. First, since she was currently employed as a nanny making only $250 per week, lost wages would not be significant. Next, the defense reasoned that the $2,500,000 the defendant potentially would have earned as a nurse was trained as a nurse in her native Paraguay) should not be awarded, since the defendant would not realistically be able to find work in this country due to her illegal immigration status, and the fact that she only spoke Spanish. The firm argued successfully against these allegations, and additionally, that the mother will suffer permanent psychological damage from the trauma, allowing the case to settle for $2,000,000 prior to opening statements.


Settlement For Surgeon Injured In Car Accident

A 53-year-old surgeon injured his wrist in a car accident, requiring surgery. During extensive depositions, Mark was able to learn that the at-fault driver was driving his car for his employer at the time of the accident. This allowed Mark to add the employer into the action, which provided millions more in insurance coverage leading to this settlement.


Payout For Executive Hit On Cross Island Parkway

The firm settled this Nassau County venue case with a cash payout of $1,500,000 and a total payout of over $2.7 million for a client who was badly injured in an automobile accident. After suffering multiple fractures of the foot, leg, and face, and undergoing multiple surgeries, physical therapy, and various types of medical treatment, the 38-year-old plaintiff was left with a limp and limited mobility. He was ultimately fired since he was unable to fulfill his job duties. While the defendant denied any contact with the plaintiff's car, the firm established the collision did occur by presenting evidence of paint from the defendant's car on the plaintiff's car. This case settled prior to trial.


Jury Verdict Awarded To Cancer Patient

Doctor failed to diagnose a child's condition in a timely fashion. The plaintiff in this case had a history of unexplained swelling under his arms. In fact, he underwent a biopsy at age three for swelling on his right side. The biopsy was negative for lymphoma, and the doctor concluded nothing was wrong. The plaintiff returned to the doctor's office in 1992 with a similar swelling, this time under the left armpit. An x-ray and consultation with the physician who did the previous biopsy were performed. All indications were negative and no follow-up was recommended. Two years later the child returned with an unexplained mass under the left armpit. This time the plaintiff was diagnosed with Stage III-A Hodgkin's disease. The patient underwent a first round of chemotherapy, which was ineffective. The plaintiff then underwent a second round of more intensive therapy, which resulted in the remission of the cancer, but also rendered the patient sterile. The plaintiff contended that had he been diagnosed with the disease when he had first visited the doctor in 1992 the disease would only have been at stage one, and therefore would not have required such intensive treatment. The defendant denied that there was anything he could have done earlier than he did, since there were no definitive test results to act upon. The firm was able to provide enough evidence for the jury to see that the plaintiff was in fact due multimillion-dollar compensation for medical expenses, injury, and lost wage compensation.


For Sheet Rock Installer Who Fell From A Scaffold

A 35-year-old sheet rock installer was caused to fall from a dangerous scaffold on a Huntington job site. As a result, he sustained a serious leg injury, which required surgery. Mark was able to get a court order determining that the general contractor/owner was 100 percent at fault for the accident. The case settled at mediation just prior to trial.


For The Family Of A Construction Worker Killed On An Unsafe Work Site

A 44-year-old laborer performing HVAC duct demolition was caused to fall from an unsecured ladder after the ductwork fell onto him. He struck his head on the ground and passed away the next day without regaining consciousness. He left behind a wife and 2 children. An offer of $1.5 million was rejected at a mediation. The case was eventually settled after a jury was selected. There were issues about how large of a jury award could be upheld in this case. This is because there was little proof that the worker endured conscious pain and suffering, and his tax returns over several years reflected very low earnings. If either of these situations were different, the settlement would have been even larger.


For Construction Worker Who Fell From A Scaffold

A 41-year-old construction worker fell from a dangerous scaffold sustaining injuries to his spine requiring surgery. Mark was able to obtain a court order determining that the general contractor was 100 percent at fault for the accident.


For DHL Delivery Person Struck By Forklift At Airport

A 31-year-old delivery person from Suffolk County was struck in the back by a forklift at a local airport. Mark was able to obtain a video surveillance tape showing the actual accident. Armed with the video, Mark was able to get a court order determining that the accident was 100% the fault of the forklift operator. The delivery person was unable to return to work due to back and neck injuries that required surgery. The case was settled at mediation.


For A Local Union 3, IBEW Electrician Injured On A Dangerous Construction Site

A 37-year-old Local Union 3, IBEW electrician was caused to slip and fall due to a snow and ice covered work surface. He injured his shoulder and neck requiring surgery for both. He did not return to work after the accident. The case settled on the eve of trial for $4,000,000, after an unsuccessful mediation where only $1,000,000 was offered. The defendant’s examining physicians and experts opined that the electrician could return to work, thus offsetting the loss of earning claim.


For Sanitation Worker Struck By Van

A 46-year-old sanitation worker was struck by a construction van causing severe leg injuries requiring multiple surgeries. The firm was able to prove that the van driver was 100 percent at fault for causing the accident. Initial settlement offers of one, two, and three million dollars were rejected at mediation. Thereafter, the case settled just prior to jury selection.

*Prior success is not a guarantee of future results.