4 ways to avoid car accidents this summer

On behalf of The North Shore Injury Lawyer posted in Car Accidentson Tuesday, May 15, 2018. 
Nobody wants to end up in a car wreckespecially on summer vacation.
To help you avoid being in an accident, here are some practical tips you can use:
Don’t trust other drivers
This means pulling into traffic slowly in case someone else is trying to pass on the right or in your blind spot. It also means keeping both hands on the wheel in case you have to suddenly swerve because another driver moves abruptly into your lane. Pause at lights when they turn and wait to see if someone runs it.
While you might have the right of way in any given situation, it’s not worth a risk to your life from an accident to press it.
Avoid distracted driving
Distracted driving is a national problem and it’s only going to stop when everyone pulls together on the issue. Don’t chat with your passengers, eat, drink, use your cellphone, check your hair or look at the GPS.
If you see another driver on the road whose eyes are moving back and forth between the road and something else, give him or her a wide berth.
Take your time
Rushed driving becomes reckless driving. Give yourself plenty of time to get wherever you’re goingeven if it means being early.
Don’t run a red light(anddon’t press the gas to rush a yellow light either) or slide through a stop sign because you’re in a hurry. Try to keep abreast of construction in your area because that’s another common delay on the roads in summer.
Look at the weather
Most people think of weather as an issue only in the winter months. However, rain and wind can both be hazards in the summer when you’re driving.
Water on the road can quickly cause a car to hydroplane. If that happens, you could easily lose control of the vehicle and end up in a ditchor in an accident with another car.
Wind can be treacherous, especially for vans and top-heavy vehicles like Jeeps. A strong wind combined with a high speed can actually contribute to a rollover on a turn.
If you are in a car accidentthis summer, do yourself a favor and seek medical attention right away. If it turns out you’re injured, it’ll make obtaining compensation for your injuries a lot easier.
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