How Medical Legal Artists Can Help Your Case

In the court of law, the outcome of a trial is typically based on the evidence that was shown in addition to the arguments made by both the defense attorneys and the plaintiff’s attorneys. While verbally explaining injuries and accidents can be helpful and important, having visual examples can be a game changer. These visual demonstrative aids have helped Mark T. Freeley obtain the settlements his clients truly deserve time and time again and he is a firm believer that working with medical legal artists can make a difference in a case.

Visualization is important

Have you ever tried explaining something to someone without using your hands or any other visual aids like pictures, maps, and videos? Imagine watching a car accident and trying to recount the details of the accident to someone without demonstrating the impact with your hands or showing the location on a map. This can be incredibly difficult to comprehend with just words and the use of visual aids makes a world of difference.

Visual aids are so important in fact that modern research studies have shown that about 75 percent of what people know is learned through visualization. A seminal study published in 1963 revealed that after 72 hours, humans tend to retain only 10 percent of the information they hear and 20 percent of information they see. When humans hear and see the same information, they retain 65 percent. In a world with dozens of new true crime shows released every week that are highly visual in recreating accidents through video and picture, today’s modern jury has grown to expect visual evidence in trials and the most successful ones are able to “paint the picture” for those juries to leave a lasting impression when they go to deliberate.

Why medical legal artists are necessary

Medical legal artists are experts in anatomy who are skilled in creating visual pictures and drawings that assist juries in understanding what really happened. This is called “demonstrative evidence” and can be extremely effective in explaining complex issues and injuries to a jury. While the use of skeletons and basic anatomy scans can prove helpful, having actual medical illustrations or artistic depictions of injuries sustained by the victims can be critical to a case.

New technology today has given incredible tools and resources to talented medical legal artists so the drawings can be painstakingly detailed and easy to interpret. Over the years, Mark has used many of these drawings in trials, mediations, and arbitrations. Examples of drawings he has used depict everything from broken hands, arms, and legs to surgical implantations and fractured skulls.

Examples of drawings used on Long Island by Mark

How to find and commission a medical illustrator

According to the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI), the majority of medical illustrators in the profession have a master’s degree from an accredited two-year graduate program in medical illustration. That means these artists have undergone extensive training in anatomy, pathology, microanatomy, physiology, embryology, and neuroanatomy. For people who want to hire a qualified medical illustrator, they can easily search a member directory at AMI and find a skilled artist. These artists are available to help when attorneys like Mark T. Freeley have a case that would benefit from an expert visual drawing.

Why work with the North Shore Injury Lawyer

Mark has over 30 years of experience helping his clients obtain the settlements they truly deserve on Long Island. He realizes the importance of taking the time to understand the impact of his client’s injuries upon their day-to-day lives and works with each client to develop an individual litigation strategy that best suits their needs. How is he different? Mark has proven that he will use every resource available like working with a medical legal artist to ensure his clients receive fair and just compensation for their pain and suffering. If you or someone you know is in need of help from a personal injury lawyer on Long Island, give Mark a call today at 631-495-9435.