How to Find the Right Car Accident Lawyer for You

Even the most careful and diligent drivers can get into car accidents, a scary reality that is becoming more common every year. In fact, in 2021, New York traffic fatalities increased by 13% in the first quarter alone. While getting into a car accident can be an extremely stressful experience, finding the right lawyer to help you shouldn’t be.

It’s important to find someone you can trust to help you navigate the aftermath so you can focus on what’s most important, healing. If you were in a serious car accident and are looking for an attorney to help, keep reading for advice on how to find the right lawyer for you.

Choose a lawyer who knows exactly what to do

While almost every lawyer on Long Island claims that they can “handle” car accidents, there is a difference between someone who specializes in car accident cases versus those who really only practice bankruptcy law, real estate, criminal law, family law, etc. When you are looking for the right car accident lawyer for you, it’s important that you find a lawyer that concentrates only on car accidents and other accident type cases.

Serious car accident attorneys know exactly what to do because they have done it thousands of times before. They are experts in the ins and outs, time limitations, exceptions, and all of the other little things that can make a major difference in the outcome of your case. These lawyers have gone up against the major insurance companies before and have mastered the skills needed to obtain a substantial settlement or a big jury verdict if necessary.

You want someone who isn’t afraid to hire the experts needed

Attorneys who are experts in serious car accidents will take the necessary time to properly build their clients’ cases in order to maximize their recovery. You want a lawyer who will go above and beyond and will hire the right experts like Life Care Planners, Vocational Rehabilitation specialists, and Economists to prove your full economic losses.

It’s also important that your lawyer will take depositions and hire engineers or accident reconstruction experts to win your case if that is what it takes. Beware of lawyers that take short cuts or just look for a quick settlements as they are the ones that jeopardize their client’s chances of results that they truly deserve.

Your lawyer should be someone you trust

It is so important to work with a lawyer who is both professional and approachable, so that you feel comfortable from the start. Getting hurt in a car accident can be extremely traumatic and it’s important that you get the care and attention you need from your attorney. Beware of lawyers that are difficult to get in touch with, take a long time to respond, and don’t explain the key details about your case. A lawyer that cares and is an expert in the field will quickly become someone you can trust.

Call The North Shore Injury Lawyer for help

If you or someone you know was in a serious car accident on Long Island and needs an attorney, Mark T. Freeley is just a phone call away. With over 30 years of experience handling serious car accident cases on Long Island and a track record of success that makes insurance companies need to know who he is, he will do everything possible to win and get the best possible results for his clients.

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