From the Courts of Law to the Tennis Court, How Mark T Freeley Competes in Different Courts

If you know anything about Mark T Freeley you likely know he is a passionate, driven, and extremely successful personal injury lawyer on Long Island. You may even know that he has an amazing love of animals and is a frequent volunteer with Last Chance Animal Rescue as well as serves as their pro bono attorney. While both of these facts are prominent in his life and well-known to those who are acquainted with Mark, did you also know he is also an avid (and competitive) tennis player? From the courts of law to the tennis court, Mark’s clear sense of focus, dedication, and preparation have been prominent in every aspect of his life.

Fierce tennis competition pays off

About seven years ago, Mark began playing tennis with his good friends at a more competitive level with the USTA. This year in particular stands out above the rest as he joined two USTA teams out of Long Island Health & Racquet. The first team is a 40 year and over team and the second is an 18 year and over team and both have essentially the same basic roster of guys with a median age of 55. In fact, on the 18+ team, there is only one player who is just under the age of 40.

Earlier this summer, his 40+ team clinched first place on Long Island in their division and earned a trip to sectionals in August. Not long after this victory, his 18+ team went into their last match down in points, leaving them in a dire situation where they had to win every court to have a shot at placing first. Amazingly, they swept every court and also ended in first place on Long Island in their division, earning Mark another trip to sectionals!

“I always tell people that playing tennis is the most frustrating thing that I love to do,” said Mark. “But what makes it so enjoyable is to be able to share these times with great guys and friends who always have your back and pull you through the times when things are not going well on the court.”

From sectionals to…

In August, Mark went with his teams to compete at sectionals in Schenectady and Westchester. The first competition was for his 18+ team in Schenectady where they played against five other teams from all over the state of New York in some of the hottest and most humid conditions he had ever played in. They put up a good fight, but unfortunately did not come in first which left Mark with one more opportunity to make it to Nationals with his 40+ team. The following weekend in Westchester, his 40+ team had an amazing victory. After winning both of their matches against some tough competition, they came in first place! This October, Mark will head to Surprise, Arizona to play with some of the best teams in the Country, an opportunity that is not foreign to Mark. It is his second trip to Nationals with his awesome friend Robert Kaiserman, who convinced him to take up tennis seven years ago and together they made it to Nationals during his rookie season.

Extreme dedication in every way

In addition to his love for tennis and his excitement to compete at the next level with both of his teams, Mark continues to display an extreme passion for working hard in and on both the court of law and the tennis court. From helping people rebuild their lives after accidents and finding homes for rescue dogs to competing with amazing friends and excelling in a sport he loves, Mark proves that extreme dedication really does pay off.