For Elevator Free Fall Accident

$1,575,000 verdict after trial for plaintiffs caught in a harrowing elevator drop. In this case, litigated pre-trial by Mark Freeley, a 39-year-old social worker and a retired senior citizen were taking the elevator in a Bronx courthouse when the elevator suddenly dropped in free fall for about four floors, ending in an abrupt stop. The passengers both incurred serious knee and joint injury. Fractures and lesions of the kneecap, requiring arthroscopic surgery and potential future knee replacement surgery, were results from the fall in the case of the younger woman. In addition, the younger plaintiff was partially disabled and not able to return to her former profession. For the retiree, knee replacement surgery of the right knee, with potential need for similar surgery on the left, was required after aggravation of an existing osteoarthritis condition resulted from the incident. The case went to verdict and after the verdict the firm was able to settle the case for $1.1 million for the younger woman, with an additional $10,000 for her husband due to loss of services, and $465,000 for the older plaintiff. A one million dollar offer was rejected prior to summations.