For Steamfitter After Fall From Plank

In this labor law action litigated by Mark Freeley a 38-year-old steamfitter was awarded $1,000,000 in settlement for falling five feet off a wood plank used in place of scaffolding as he was installing a sprinkler system in Manhattan. The plaintiff sprained both ankles and sustained a chip fracture of one ankle. He was not able to return to work as a steamfitter. The defense argued at trial that the claimant’s injuries were minor and pre-existing. At trial it was argued that the contractor was negligent in not providing suitable scaffolding, the plaintiff’s injuries were sustained as a result of laboring in this unsafe work environment, and were not pre-existing. The contractor’s insurance agent was also found partly responsible for not purchasing the appropriate type of insurance for its client, and therefore paid 25% of the settlement. The case settled before summations at trial, after two weeks of testimony.