Settlement For Pedestrian Accident Injuries And Wrongful Death Of 10-year-old Son

The firm helped a Spanish-speaking woman from Queens win a multimillion-dollar settlement after she was injured, and her 10-year old son killed, as she crossed the street at a stoplight while walking the child to school. The defendant’s attorneys tried to claim that the plaintiff was partially to blame for the accident, since she testified in her deposition that she did not see the bus coming. Defendant’s counsel also tried to claim that the plaintiff was not eligible to be awarded compensation for lost wages. First, since she was currently employed as a nanny making only $250 per week, lost wages would not be significant. Next, the defense reasoned that the $2,500,000 the defendant potentially would have earned as a nurse was trained as a nurse in her native Paraguay) should not be awarded, since the defendant would not realistically be able to find work in this country due to her illegal immigration status, and the fact that she only spoke Spanish. The firm argued successfully against these allegations, and additionally, that the mother will suffer permanent psychological damage from the trauma, allowing the case to settle for $2,000,000 prior to opening statements.